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An Eco-Nostalgia Lakeview Homestay Villa in Sungai Pelek - Sepang, Malaysia.

Address: No. 2, Jalan Tasik Angsana 3, Taman Pantai Sepang Putra, Sungai Pelek 43950. Selangor

Furnished Bangalow, 3 Bedrooms and Living Room Fully Air-Conditioned, Large Green Open Backyard (Total Villa Area > 10,000 Sq. Ft.)

Contact:   Handphone: 0123-820-765; 0123-099-588; 
email: ;

Facade of Eco-Creative LakeView Nostalgia Homestay Villa
( Total Villa Compound Area > 10,000 Square Feet )

Eco Green Curtain - Reduce Excessive Heat From Sun Light 

Eco-Friendly Natural Green Curtain     

Large Green Back Yard with LakeView for Outdoor Activity  

Spacious Back Court with Unique Eco-Creative

Fixtures for Relaxation & Activity

Fixture Used in Eco-friendly Nostalgia Lakeview Homestay Villa

D.I.Y. Furnished Bedroom with Air-Conditioner &
Eco-Creative Natural Lighting Fixture 

 D.I.Y. Furnished Bedroom with Air-Conditioner &
 Eco-Creative Natural Lighting Fixture 

Window View of Green Facade Landscape

D.I.Y. Eco-Creative Natural Cloth Hanger

D.I.Y. Eco-Creative Natural Lighting Fixture

   Dining Room

                                            Living Room With Cozy Sofa Seats


Bathroom Equipped with Shower Heater     

 Location Map of Eco-Creative LakeView Nostalgia Homestay Villa

An Overall Aerial View of Taman Sepang Putra,
Sungai Pelek, and Golden Palm Tree Resort in Bagan Lalang.

Overall Aerial View of Taman Sepang Putra and Bagan Lalang

Directional  Map to
Eco-Creative Lakeview Nostalgia Homestay Villa
No. 2, Jalan Tasik Angsana 3. Taman Sepang Putra, Sungai Pelek.

Hello! Welcome to this blog.  The purpose of this blog is to show how you could employ The Recycling 4R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover around a house to help reduce solid waste.  The overall and long term effect of recycling is to ultimately minimize ecological and environment impact to our future generations.  This blog shares some of the rewarding eco-friendly interest and hobbies from Nature Conservancy to Recycling effort for a Simple DIY Eco-Friendly Homestay Villa in Sungai Pelek. 

The advent of technology and commercialization has inadvertently resulted in tremendous waste of resources, be it natural raw materials and or artificial composites one way or another.  The trendy and stylish products eventually replace the old fixture such as furnitures, utensil and etc.  The replacement process has directly and indirectly generates a lot of unnecessary waste, to which most of these solid waste material could be recycled.

Overview of Eco-Friendly LakeView Nostalgia Homestay Villa

In the wake of development and construction of Messrs Sepanggoldcoast’s iconic Golden Palm Tree Water Villa Resorts in Pantai Bagan Lalang few years ago, there is an increasing demand of housing accommodation from the construction workforce in this somewhat remote and rural coastal beach community – Bagan Lalang, Sungai Pelek in the Municipal of Sepang, Malaysia.

At that particular period and even years before the development of Golden Palm Tree Resort, the longed completed housing development project in the close vicinity – Taman Pantai Sepang Putra is still very much abandoned and less populated.  It is indeed pathetic to see the scenario of a somewhat “abandoned” residential settlement project especially with most dwelling units comprise of semi-detach and bungalow unit right in the heart of a very quiet and serene neighborhood.  The layout for this residential settlement is very spacious and its neighborhood is surrounded by greens and a breath away from the historical Straits of Melaka. The progress in construction for the Golden Palm Tree Resort had directly shed some light and hope to all dwelling unit owner in the then semi-abandoned settlement project.

The quiet neighborhood couple with the natural serenity has prompted the ideas to make this spacious bungalow unit an Eco-friendly Nostalgia Homestay villa for others to experience.  It is a good place to get-away from hectic city lifestyle and be with the nature.  It is a good place for lay back especially for family activity and the younger generations to experience by way of winding back the clock of rapid modern development and appreciate some of the natural setting around the villa.  The coastal dense mangrove trees and fisherman wharf is just a couple of minute drive away.  In the evening, one can readily enjoy the delicious and aroma Ikan Bakar by the local villager along the coastal beach front.
The theme of this Eco-Friendly Lakeview Nostalgia Homestay Villa is mainly gears toward educational and provide a platform for reference to motivate any individual, especially for school children and teenager who is lost at a crossroad as to what they can do and how they can innovate for whatever resource one had at hand.  As can observe from most fixture around this villa, it emphasizes the theme of Creativity, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Resource Recovery and Conservation.  Emphasis also centered in the deployment of all the combination of themes range from the Traditional, Simplistic, Essential, Ecological, Innovative, Conservative, Recycling and right up to the way of Optimization of Resource by way of innovation and creativity.  

The concern of rampant and rapid development which resulted in rapid deterioration of the environment we live in couples with the excessive wastage of natural resources as a whole, has prompted this Nostalgia-Homestay villa to wind back the clock by the 4R’s of Recycling fixture as much as applicable and available without compromising the quality of your stay in and around this spacious villa of approximately 10,000 Square feet.  This Nostalgia-Homestay villa has set the mission and committed to utilize all pre-exist fixed lighting fixture on the ceiling and all air-conditioning units lefts by the previous home owner about two years ago.

Having witnessed the disposal of many useable resources that take up most of the space in limited landfill area from all walk of lifes has prompted your truly to set the path to share with everyone of you in this Eco-Friendly Nostalgia Homestay Villa to demonstrate the reward of Resource Recovery and Conservation.  Along the way of this mission, hopefully, it could influence and or motivate at least ONE (1) living soul in this world to follow suit if not fully, but a fraction of this little effort to make a difference to our future generations by practice of  Resource Recovery.  Resource Recovery comprises of all elements of 4 R's of Recycling - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover

Resource Recovery for Items/Fixture Used in Eco-friendly Nostalgia Lakeview Homestay Villa

1.)  Sleeping-Sitting Bench - made from Tree Root Drifted onto Beach (Recycle);

From being Picnicker's "Fire Wood" and Recycled
to form Natural Garden Sleeping-Sitting Bench

- Wooden Sitting Bench - made and supported by tree trunk and branches (Recycle) without application of wood stain and or varnish (Reduce);

 - Bedroom Standing downlight Lamp - made from tree roots and coconut shell drifted onto Beach (Recycle);

- Bedroom uplight table lamp - made from drifted hollow tree trunk on beach (Recycle);

 - Bedroom Standing downlight Lamp - made from combinations of tree trunk, roots and coconut shell drifted onto Beach

- Round Table - Round Glass Top (Reuse) with Recycle and Re-engineered wooden support legs frame

- Sitting Bench - made of firewood Plank from sawmill

- Queen size Beds - Solid wooden divans are solely DIY from scratch and fabricated from wooden battens (Reuse) and optimization of source plywood as mattress base support, both divans maintain its natural texture without application of wood stains and varnish (Reduce).  Both queen size beds are refurbish with new mattress;

- Natural Fruit Enzyme - to convert fruits waste and or abandoned fruits which do not meet export quality and sizes into useful organic eco-enzyme which can be used for various purposes such as, garden fertiliser, eco-cleaning agent in kitchen and floor.  This eco-enzyme when added in laundry cleansing cycle, its disolved detergent trace and acts as fabric softener.  Another benefit and usefulness of this eco-enzyme is that it posesses pharmaceutical value, where it can cure various skin disease! (Recover);

- Garden Compost - composting natural waste such as grass clippings twigs, leave and kitchen waste to better improve garden soil for plants and vegetations through biological means (Recover);

 Nature Conservancy
- Protection and Relocation of Stingless Bee - Trigona Cabonaria

Stingless Bees Hive in Hollow Tree Trunk Threaten by Human Devious Behavior

The protection is by means of migrating their original natural habitat which is normally nested in hollow tree trunk into Recycled wooden box with Recyled shed in order to minimize increasing human threat.  Most man made threat normally come from beach-goers, picnickers and campers who resort to devious activity such as disposal of rubbish and open burning beneath and or near the natural habitats of stingless bees.

Recycled Wooden Box - Sucessfully Relocate Stingless Bees to its New and Safe Home
No. 2, Jalan Tasik Angsana 3. Taman Sepang Putra. 43950 Sungai Pelek.

Contact:   Handphone: 0123-820-765;  0123-099-588  email: